Embark on a journey to the stars and into the heart of your own existence, in search of the answers you forgot after you were born.

The English version of the great mystery is currently being planned

Discover with me the hidden truths about our origins, our true nature and the journey that takes us beyond life.

Even as a child, I felt a deep connection to something that was far before my time - memories that seemed to come from another life. Our world, with all its colors and sounds, seemed designed to make me forget these old truths. But then, at a point in my life when the routine of everyday life was no longer enough, these forgotten memories broke through the surface of my consciousness again.

It was as if I had suddenly woken up in a different reality, like Neo in the Matrix, surrounded by a world that was not what it seemed. A sense of the unreal, the playful surrounded me, and I knew I could no longer pretend that nothing had happened. So my search began - a search for answers, a search for the architect of our reality, a search for God.

My mind was full of questions, not only about the construction of our world, but also about my own individuality, the nature of consciousness and the deep, hidden meaning of life. On this quest, I learned to shift my state of consciousness in order to return to that mysterious place I once came from. When I finally arrived there, the questions that had plagued me for so long found their answers - answers that I carried deep within myself.

I recorded these answers, which I discovered on my journey through space and time, in my book "The Great Mystery". They are not only a record of my journey, but also a guide to help me always remember who I really am and maybe it will help you remember too?

The 4 pillars of the book "The Great Mystery"

The construction of reality

In the first part of the book, I dedicate myself to exploring our reality. In expanded states of consciousness, I have conversations with a divine presence. This reveals to me in detail the construction of our world and existence - a fascinating journey to the origins of our being that fundamentally revolutionizes our understanding of reality.

The creation of individuality

In the second part, I delve deep into the mystery of individuality. I explore what our unique personality means in a boundless universe, how it materializes and what overarching meaning our individual forms of existence have in the cosmic fabric, unravelling the unfathomable interconnections of our existence.

The resulting awareness

In the third part of the book, I explore the emergence of collective and individual consciousness based on the interaction of different individualities. Here it is revealed how God experiences, discovers and manifests Himself through our experiences and attributes, giving rise to a higher self-awareness of the Divine.

The meaning of existence

The fourth part is dedicated to the deepest meaning of life and the existence of God - love. I unfold the idea that it is love that moves God to constantly create new aspects of Himself. This infinite creation serves to sustain His own existence, demonstrate the essence of love and weave countless stories that make this universal love tangible.

Discover the depths of 'The Great Mystery'

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